Commissions and Costume Updates!

I wanted to write a more official notice regarding commissions in the future. I addressed this on the social media sites, but didn’t make a notice here, and information has also changed a bit since then.

Are commissions closed forever?

Short answer: No, they’re not, but I’m not sure when they’ll be open again.

Long answer: While what I addressed on tumblr is still valid, there is an additional wrench in the life plans that is delaying commissions even longer. Unfortunately, despite getting nicely settled in my home with my awesome roommates, our landlord decided he’s selling the house. My roommates and I are staying together, but it does mean moving again, which means no big projects until we’re settled in the new place. We’re moving at the end of June, so it’ll be at least a month after that, if not later when commissions open again.

The prices will also be increasing to take into account how little I pay myself for labour, and also the added cost of getting materials since I no longer have convenient access to them. I’m still tossing around the idea of making fukus when I have time and just selling them on etsy, but that requires…time. So it hasn’t happened yet.

Costume Updates!

I did finally get the pages up for everything, making this probably the only time the website has been fully updated since its creation. New pages include: Trevor, Sara Crispino, Liara (black suit), Liara (white suit), Zarya (swimsuit), Nug Kigu, Pearl (space suit), and Pidge! Everything on the costume page is clickable. (I think.) Amazing.

I’ll try to post better news soon! Until then, check out my etsy store! My Sailor Venus is still for sale, and I’ve got some ~hot deals~ on.