Character: Pidge
Series: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Worn at: PAX South 2017, Anime North 2017, FlameCon 2017, DragonCon 2017, Kitchener Comic Con 2018

Surprise another last minute costume, because I don’t know how to plan ahead. Literally made the day I was leaving for the con, without a mockup. (Gotta fix the sleeves.) The wig is an old wig that I sharpie dyed with the little bit of rubbing alcohol and the only brown sharpie I had. Amazing. I found the glasses at the H&M next to my hotel on the Friday of PAX. I just loved the idea of attending a gaming convention as Pidge, since season two of Voltron had just been released and spoiler they’re a gaming nerd yessssss

Worn with friends! Sam of Anatomy of Cosplay as Princess Bubblegum, and gaming with incognito Hybrid Cosplay