Swimsuit Zarya

Character: Zarya (Swimsuit)
Series: Overwatch
Worn at: YetiCon 2016

When my friends first asked me to join their Overwatch swimsuit group, I wasn’t super into it. At the time, I didn’t know if I’d be attending the con, and also wasn’t playing Overwatch since no one was one XBox One. Eventually, I was enticed by the idea of potentially doing “Snowfort” ship photos, and got super pumped for that. I found the perfect swimsuit to match her armour without just being “her armour, but a swimsuit,” and painted up a water gun. Unfortunately, in trying to make sure everyone had their tattoos prepped after our morning hike, I missed most of the group shots, and it was…a bit of a bummer overall. I do like my pink hair though.

Photo credits: Ailes Noires Photography

Tattoos applied by Alexsaurus Ink