Liara T’Soni

Character: Liara T’Soni 
 Mass Effect 3
Worn at: Emerald City Comicon 2016, PAX South 2017
Made by (originally): Pillar of Dawn Studios

My friend Grace (of Pillar of Dawn) had originally been taking this costume apart to remake, but decided to try to sell it to fund a whole new suit. I leaped at the chance to be Liara with most of the patterning done for me, and bought it. Due to timing issues, I wasn’t able to get it and put it back together for DragonCon 2015, and then didn’t have time until Emerald City rolled around. I’m still trying to figure out how to minimize overheating in this, with the PVC and all the makeup so I can wear the costume for longer, but overall I love it and love Liara so much. I also get to tote around my fancy M-5 that my friend Vorpal Props made me!

Still using the same headpiece from The Mad Masker!

Featuring Nancy Maggs!

(Will I ever get good photos though? Whoops!)