Con-G: The End

So last weekend was the final year of Con-G, and what a weekend. While I didn’t spend too much time doing con things (I rarely do), I got to see so many people, and had such a good time. We took so many photos and partied super hard. Went out for late night pub food, danced until we couldn’t dance anymore, got up for the earliest hockey game ever (GOLD BABY) and just. Amazing. I also helped out with two panels! And that’s always been what this con was for me. It was that reason to go out in the winter and see all those people you only see in the summer months. To dress up and run around and just be a geek.

And I’m going to miss it. I’ve got photos up for most of the costumes I wore (SWOL Neptune, Casual Usagi, and Casual Morrigan), as well, reminiscing with the costumes I wore in previous years (Rattata, Miwako, Peach, Raven and Marceline). How I’ve changed! Look at this oldie!

It’s been fun, Con-G. We’ll miss you.



It’s been a quiet year on the blog side of this website, but active everywhere else. I’ve got the Costume page fully updated, aside from a handful of costumes I have 0 photos of. I also have most of my convention schedule figured out for the next year, including a surprise trip to Florida for MegaCon! While the costumes themselves are subject to change, this is pretty much what I’m doing next year. There is also the possibility of more cons being added in, but I am trying to do a little less, just so I can focus more on school and the like.

Aside from that, my commissions are open for the coming convention year. While it’s mostly still just Sailor Moon costumes, I am also opening commissions for N7 coats, if there’s interest. Hit up my contact page for quotes.

Summer Con Season

It’s almost over! Oh my.

Con Bravo was pretty awesome. With Cosplay for a Cure we raised $1600 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I made Sophitia from Soul Calibur 2, and rewore my casual Morrigan. Had SO much fun partying and meeting new people.

It is now confirmed that I will be attending FanExpo in two weeks! I won’t be there on the Thursday, as it’s my birthday, but provided I can get my Saturday off work, I will be there the other three days. Not 100% sure what I’m wearing, but I’ve got some ideas on the Events page.

After that it’s DragonCon! SO excited. I have way too many plans and I’m going to be in the parade and I get to see people I haven’t seen since last year, and some since the year before and some I haven’t even met yet. It’s going to be great.

Cons! And Commissions.

Anime North and Niagara Falls Comic Con have both past. The next event coming up is the Cosplay Picnic on June 29th, and then Con Bravo at the end of July. I’ll finally be wearing my casual Usagi costume for the picnic, and I’ve got big plans for Bravo, so I’m excited for that.

I realized it’d be a while since I actually updated the costume page, so I started doing that. So far I’ve just got all the new icons up. Pages will come over the next couple of days.

And with Anime North come and gone, commissions will be opening up soon! However there are some changes! I will only be doing Sailor Moon costumes going forward. I will also no longer be doing the round front brooches, as I still haven’t developed a way I’m 100% happy with, and there are lots of other people who make them better, for cheaper. I will still be making the heart brooches, as long as I have materials available for them.

And that’s it! Keep an eye on the events page for where I’m going to be, and what costumes I might be bringing with me. Though this is always subject to change right up until the day of.

Too much social media!

PAX came and went, and I forgot to update. But I updated DA. I don’t know. Too many things!

Next up is Anime North. I’m plugging away through commissions and such to get everything done. Not 100% what my plans are, but they involve a lot of Sailor Moon.

I have a couple new costumes from PAX I need to get up, as well as costumes I still need to get photos of. I moved back home last month, so it’s been a whirlwind trying to take care of everything. But I’m doing it now, so hopefully we can start to see some new content here.

At the very least, I’m going to try to get the upcoming events page updated. I’ve pretty much got my summer con schedule figured out, even if I don’t know what I’m wearing yet.

More updates!

Updates everywhere!

Finally finished updating the costumes page with everything that was missing that I have photos of. There’s still some photos I’m waiting on, but I don’t expect them anytime soon. On top of that, I’ve got some costumes I don’t have great photos of, so they’re also not up yet.

Specifically! I’ve put up the pages/photos for Sophie, Luna, Miguel, Chel and Tinker Bell! Enjoy!

And just a reminder that my commissions are open! Cheers!

Commissions are OPEN! (And other things)

First off, my commissions are now OPEN! Things are a little different than they were before. I have opened five commission slots from now until the end of May. Once the slots are filled, I will be opening a waiting list and things will go from there. Hopefully this system works. There’s a possibility of more slots in June, or I may just work off the waiting list. I’ll update in a month or so, depending on whether or not the slots are filled.

I have updated my Contact Me page to now include a link to my Storenvy!

I also updated my neglected About Me page with new and recent details. The pictures still need to be changed, but that will come later.

Other than the commissions thing, the next biggest update is my Upcoming Events! I finally posted my tentative cosplay and convention schedule for the year. With Cosplay for a Cure, it’s possible that I’ll be attending more conventions, so please remember this is always subject to change.

I have new photos to post as well, but those will come in the next update. Until then, ta ta!

Merry Christmas!

It’s tomorrow! I know I haven’t updated in a while, and I apologize. I’ve been updating the other sites and sorta keep forgetting to update here. I’ve still got more pictures to edit, and I’m also waiting on some other shoots. Soon! I did add more photos to my Ice costume though! The costume is also for sale, if you’re interested! Vindicator is also for sale!

My goal for the New Year are to be more active!

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

Halloween, Commissions and more!

It’s been a busy month and a bit here since my last update. Started actually working at my job, and had commissions to catch up on. Here’s the breakdown!

Halloween: Going to the Silver Snail party again this year! Hoping my Little Sister dress is done in time, elsewise I’ll just wear the Splicer I made two days ago for the Zombie Walk. On that note, the Zombie Walk was yesterday. Here’s a quick photo of my Splicer.

Commissions! Still closed. There’s a possibility they will not be opening again in the New Year, or I will just be keeping them open for locals. If I were to do international sales, it would have to be under specific circumstances. (Former customers, for example, or fukus. I still need to sort out specifics.) This is because I’d like to focus more on my own stuff, as well as on my etsy store. Along with the fact that I can get a fair amount of business with people I know here. (There’s also less hassle with paypal and shipping that way.) But again, we’ll see.

More! I’ve got new costumes pages up. Loads since the last time I posted. As well, some old pages now have new photos. (Or, in some cases, photos I forgot to add.) There’s also more to come hopefully in the next month, as I did shoots at FanExpo and a private shoot that I’m also waiting on. I currently in the middle of editing photos of Odette, so check back in a week or so for those.

New Costumes/Costumes with New Photos: Underwater Neptune, Sailor Sailors, Velvet, Cammy, Query, Batgirl, Luna Lovegood, Tinker Bell, and Asami

Post-Fan Ex and Dragon*Con!

So sorry I didn’t update before I left! There was such a whirlwind getting commissions done in time for FanExpo and Dragon*Con and then trying to magick another costume. I completely forgot until I was away from my computer that I hadn’t posted yet. o.o

First! Commissions! If I HAVE NOT responded, I apologize! They are staying closed for the time being while I figure out life stuff. If I HAVE responded, and we talked about quotes and deadlines, you’re fine and good. I really am sorry, but life takes precedence sometimes. (However, there are still things on my etsy!)

So FanExpo! Ended up being around all four days, though not for very long. Wore Sailor Neptune (for the last time before I tear it apart and redo the leotard) with Gill and Meg in the Sailors Uranus and Pluto costumes I made them. So happy. <3 Friday Gill and I quickly wore Fire and Ice for a shoot with Geek Girls. We were around for an hour before heading home to get ready for the G33kpron FanEx Kickoff party. Admittedly lots of drinking. I wore my Tinkerbell costume, sort-of. (I finished the dress, but don’t yet have wings, so they were just painted on, or a proper wig.) Saturday I magically made Chel from The Road to El Dorado (in 4 hours while people were sleeping) to go with Kyle as Tulio and Alex as Miguel. And that was awesome. Sunday I wore Sophie so I could finally get photos of that.

Photos will go up as I get them! For now, check out this awesome photo of Rachel in the Sailor Moon costume I made her!

And then immediately following was Dragon*Con!

Lots of things. Wore Gill’s Black Canary around partying Thursday night. Friday was Luna Lovegood with an AWESOME Harry Potter group, and then changing into Query for the Gotham shoot. Wore swimsuit Asami around partying that night. Saturday I wore Brave and the Bold Ice for a bit. Sunday was casual Hawkeye. I was having a bit of a rough weekend emotionally, so I wasn’t around and in costume too much unfortunately. Hopefully next year will be better!

As for future cons, it’s very possible that I am done for the year. I -might- try to make it to Youma, but I really don’t know. Currently focusing on Halloween and commissions, and then prepping the big guns. Next year is my 10th Anime North, so I want to make it count.

Until next time!