Hello again! I figured since Anime North is TOMORROW, I’d let you all know what I’ll be wearing, since I only just decided and packed. ^^;

So! On Friday, I will be wearing the newly made Hanako costume, with my brother as Taro, from Disgaea 2. We shall be adorable and…well, small children. On Saturday I am rewearing my Neptune costume, and one Sunday I am rewearing Ice (with Fire!).

I hope to see you all there!

Anime North

Anime North is fast approaching and I…still don’t know what I’m wearing! Most of my costume plans have fallen apart due to my unfortunate inability to manage time, so I’ll probably be rewearing things all weekend. My brother’s costumes are done though, so he’ll be joining his Katamari brethren. I will be there all weekend, chilling, running around, hopefully not stressing out.

In other news, I now have a Twitter! You can follow me to see all of my random shenanigans and what-nots. If you’re not following me on Facebook, I also suggest you do so as most of my progress and costume updates go there first.

See you all at Anime North!

A Belated Easter, and website updates

So first things first, of course, happy belated Easter to those who celebrated it this past weekend. Mine was…okay. Unfortunately, family drama gets in the way of enjoyment, most of the time. How nice to have everyone together for the holidays! ^^;

I’ve been toiling away the last little while on both here and on my fanpage. The site is getting closer to being done, with most of the costumes now up with their own pages. I plan to revamp the actual costume page once everything’s up, so I’m kinda looking forward to that. Meanwhile I’ve got progress photos and wig pictures over on my fanpage for a bit of fun.

Lastly, commissions for Anime North are closed. I’m still accepting commissions for July and beyond, and will keep you guys posted on when those deadlines are coming up.