Links of Interest

These are friends, other cosplayers I think highly of, and other links that might be useful to you in your quest for costumes.

Friends and awesome cosplayers:
Alexsaurus Ink and Illustration
Gillykins’ Fan Page
Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay Fan Page 
Honeysaliva’s Fan Page

Undead Pixels’ Fan Page
Vorpal Props’ Fan Page
Vickybunnyangel’s Fan Page
WeirdTakoyaki’s Fan Page
Kudrel’s Fan Page
Pinkerbell’s Fan Page
Sperren Cosplay’s Fan Page
Rebecculous Cosplay’s Fan Page
Jayuna’s Fan Page
Hacksaw Jenny’s Fan Page
Tony Ray’s Fan Page
Nathan DeLuca’s Fan Page
Amaleigh’s Fan Page
Pink Justice Cosplay’s Fan Page
Henchmen Props’ Fan Page
Aicosu’s Website
Lelola – Pan’s Website

Website Features:
Atomic Moo
Comics Alliance – June 13th, 2011
Comics Alliance – July 7th, 2011
Comics Alliance – December 12, 2011
Comics Alliance – March 5, 2012
Comics Alliance – May 29, 2012
Comics Alliance – February 24, 2014
Comics Alliance – April 21, 2014
Geek Tyrant
Comics Cosplay Brazil
Somewhat Nerdy
Cosplay Nation
Comic Addictz
Comic Book Critic
Geek Girls – Anime North 2012 Uranus and Neptune
Geek Girls – Unplugged Expo 2013
Geek Girls – Sailor Moon Biker Gang
Geek Girls – Capcom Ladies
Geek Girls – Sailor SWOL
Geek Girls – Bioshock Group
Geek Girls – Geek Pride Cosplay Groups
Geek Girls – Fire and Ice
Geek Girls – FanExpo 2012 Uranus and Neptune

Photographer Friends:
Kevin Chan (Solar Tempest)
Kevin Brewer (Stillvisions)
Amanda (Elemental)
Elemental Photography (Facebook)
Eleventh Photograph
JJABarrett Photography
Wandering Dana
Robbins Studios
Amaleigh Photography

Cosplay Supplies:
Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses
Other Cosmetic Lenses
Chainmail Rings and Supplies
Sailor Moon Tiaras, Shoes and More
More Spandex

Wig Parting
Craft Foam Armor
Swim Suits and other things
Doll-Like Makeup
Sailor Moon Wig (Video)