Peach (Winter Olympics)

Character: Princess Peach
Series: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Worn at: Con-G 2012
Status: SOLD

I’m not entirely sure how I initially decided to do this costume. I think I was just browsing through different Mario games on creativeuncut, and found this costume for Peach and decided to do it. The final deciding factor was, of course, finding the perfect velvet for the leggings and sleeves. I fortunately had leftover pink fleece from another project, and voila! A new costume. The wig was a cheap Panty wig that I found on yonder ebay, which I then put into a ponytail and cut the bangs of immensely.

Never had a chance to wear it again, soooo I sold it.

Photo credits: Thomas Truong, SolarTempest, Stephanie Terentiak