Halloween and More – The Recap!

Eek! Apologies! I’ve got so many thing going on here, I forgot to actually update the blog here. Hello!

I guess the big thing that has happened since my last update is that Halloween has come and gone. For Halloween, we decided to do an Alpha Flight group. So I made Guardian, Vindicator, Aurora and Northstar for myself and friends, while Gina made Snowbird. We ended up winning “Best Group” for the second year in a row at the Silver Snail Halloween Party. And that was pretty cool. Hopefully I’ll remember to get pictures of that up soon.

I also made and wore a “generic Kokiri female” from Ocarina of Time to hang out with my friends at the Skyward Sword release event at the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto. We got to take pictures with the cosplayers who were there for Nintendo, including PikminLink. The next day was also the mini Hobbystar ComicCon, which always blows. But we hung out as “DC Girls in Sweaters“. Myself, Gill, Gina, and Jenn and Christine of the Dangerous Ladies had a good time just hanging out and taking pictures.

Lastly, I have made a tumblr! Check it out!