Halloween, Commissions and more!

It’s been a busy month and a bit here since my last update. Started actually working at my job, and had commissions to catch up on. Here’s the breakdown!

Halloween: Going to the Silver Snail party again this year! Hoping my Little Sister dress is done in time, elsewise I’ll just wear the Splicer I made two days ago for the Zombie Walk. On that note, the Zombie Walk was yesterday. Here’s a quick photo of my Splicer.

Commissions! Still closed. There’s a possibility they will not be opening again in the New Year, or I will just be keeping them open for locals. If I were to do international sales, it would have to be under specific circumstances. (Former customers, for example, or fukus. I still need to sort out specifics.) This is because I’d like to focus more on my own stuff, as well as on my etsy store. Along with the fact that I can get a fair amount of business with people I know here. (There’s also less hassle with paypal and shipping that way.) But again, we’ll see.

More! I’ve got new costumes pages up. Loads since the last time I posted. As well, some old pages now have new photos. (Or, in some cases, photos I forgot to add.) There’s also more to come hopefully in the next month, as I did shoots at FanExpo and a private shoot that I’m also waiting on. I currently in the middle of editing photos of Odette, so check back in a week or so for those.

New Costumes/Costumes with New Photos: Underwater Neptune, Sailor Sailors, Velvet, Cammy, Query, Batgirl, Luna Lovegood, Tinker Bell, and Asami