Character: Odette
Series: The Swan Princess
Worn at: Dragon*Con 2011, Unplugged Expo 2012
Status: SOLD

This costume was a chance happenstance, in a sense. The local Fabricland was closing, so things were on sale. I really didn’t need any fabric, but when I saw the white satin, I decided I was going to make Odette. I’d been meaning to do it forever, since I love The Swan Princess and I love being a princess. The dress was done in about a week. The necklace I bought and then ripped apart to make it closer to the movie (since it was kinda gaudy before). I brought this to Dragon*Con and had the chance to wear it at the Georgia Aquarium, which was beautiful. I also wore it to Unplugged Expo for some photos in the gardens.

Photo credits:  The Red RibbonGillykins (some edits by me)