Never-Ending! Commissions closed!

Always so busy! Welcome to summer, I guess.

Con Bravo went well! We raised $700 at our Cosplay for a Cure event, which is more than double our goal! Thank you to everyone for coming out!

Otherwise, I’ve been super busy trying to get commissions done for FanExpo and Dragon*Con, as well as trying to keep my store updated. Still dirt poor since I don’t start my job until Monday. So please take a look at that and my sales post!

On that note, commissions are now CLOSED until after Dragon*Con. After that, I might open them for some local Halloween commissions. If you’ve contacted me about a commission and received a quote, you are safe, and I’m still doing that for you. If you have not received a quote, I’m sorry, but I am unable to take anything else on right now. I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to keep up with everything.

Lastly! I will be at the Toronto Island Cosplay Picnic this Saturday (weather permitting). I’ll be wearing Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle and hopefully get some nice photos of it, OR of Kokiri stuffs. We’ll see. 🙂