Mid-season Con Break

Anime North was awesome. For the first time in years, it was stress free, and I only cried when I went into shock the morning after dancing (dehydrated + freezing + hungover did terrible things to my body). Hung out with almost everyone I wanted to see, and that was awesome. Got pictures of the new costumes I wore up already! Also got everything else updated except for the handful of costumes I’m still missing pictures for.

Colossal was also awesome! Waterpark! Convoys! Sing-alongs! POOL BAR. Onesies! I’m a giraffe! POOL BAR. Dancing! Pool bar? I wore my Hawkeye vest around a bit at night, and my Asami bathing suit (pictures will be posted once I get them) during the day when I wasn’t otherwise in the pool.

And I am now unemployed!

I’m spending the next two weeks dogsitting and working on commissions, which should be exciting. Sort-of. I’ve got some figures and things for sale, if you are interested! And, there are still costumes for sale.