PAX East! And Toronto Wizard World

PAX East was last weekend and it was AMAZING. I met a whole bunch of lovely Bioware cosplayers, as well as some of the brilliant minds behind the games and had an all around amazing time. I was fortunate enough to borrow lightpriestess‘ Morrigan costume on the Friday of the con and had a great time. Being Morrigan has motivated me to not only get my butt in gear to finish Leliana, but I’ve also added Morrigan to my list. She’s one of my favourite characters, and I’m glad I’m able to do her justice. I also made the prototype for my Mass Effect N7 Armor inspired dress (worn by lightpriestess). If you are interested in getting one of these in the future, let me know! Best way to contact me is through my email (, or you can check the Contact Me page on my website here.

Wizard World Toronto is tomorrow! I don’t know what I’m wearing, but I will be in the area. If I have the time to get my leggings remade, I’ll be in Black Widow II. If not, I haven’t gotten anything new done yet so…probably some form of Ice. We shall see!