Apologies! The website is in need of an update here. I’m hoping my roommate will have time to get my banner done and my new graphics before his break is over. I want this place finished before I have to renew my domain! I’ve also got to get those new costumes up, though I need to get them photographed.

I got a Sweetie Belle costume done to run around with the Dangerous Ladies as Rarity and Pinkie, Gina as Scootaloo and Alex as Spike. The only photo I have of it completed is here on my tumblr. I feel like such a slacker for not having more for you. The cape was made by Gina. Many thanks to her!

In other news, I got another job, so hopefully I can continue to pump out new costumes and make it to more events. After the holidays I’ll probably finally quit my other job to focus on the one awesome job. So that’s exciting. I love my new coworkers, and I’m finally working in a kitchen.

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope the season is awesome and New Year’s is awesome. Look forward to changes in the new year! Love you all!