It’s Been a While

I kept meaning to come back to it.

Both cosplay as a whole, and the blog part of my website.

But things often don’t go as planned, and moving from one full-time job to another, to trying to survive during a global pandemic, when your mental health is so-so at best means…plans are just plans.

Sometimes though, you find a moment, and you find some words, and things just happen again. And even if it’s not what you planned on doing, at least you’re doing something.

So, life update!

The last time I actually posted an actual life update was right before I moved into this apartment, and now I’ve been here for three years. My partner, whom I started dating a few months after that, moved in a few months ago, when the back and forth was making less and less sense with us going back and forth into lockdown. They’re great, and if you follow me on twitter (@birdnotchess), you’ll know that already. I mean, if you follow me on twitter, you don’t really need this.

I’ve rebranded! My partner and I are selling things under the moniker Honeycomb Crafts, though we’re mostly focused on masks right now (see: the ongoing pandemic). I’ve been working on stepping away from Olivia’s Atelier as a brand or whatever, since Olivia is no longer my name. It’s weird still having the website around, but I think of it as something of an archive. This is who I used to be, even if I haven’t been that person for a long time.

Pattern by BeeZeeArt, this bat is available for sale on Honeycomb Crafts