So, the first con of the year for me has come and gone, and what a con. Rolled up around 1pm with Gill and Alex. Gill and I changed into our costumes and then wandered around to try to see everyone we hadn’t seen since June. I managed to get my Winter Olympics Peach costume done, and that went over great. It was lovely seeing so many people I haven’t seen in forever and just hanging out with friends. Definitely my favourite part of con. We originally weren’t planning on staying over, but we managed to get a room at the last minute to make things more enjoyable.

And then we partied the night away, I got to know some people better, make new friends and generally had an awesome time. I already can’t wait for the next one. I wish I could go to MTAC/MTCC to see people, but I’m stuck working, which is balls. I’m going to try to make it to PAX East though, which should be AWESOME, as well as Toronto Wizard World, of course.

As far as the website goes, other than some new shoots and costumes, the costumes section is up to date. Still waiting on my banner, but now that school’s started up, he’s having trouble making time for it. So hopefully that’ll be done sooner than later, but…meh. At least there’s something.