Supergirl (Linda Danvers)

Character: Supergirl (Linda Danvers)
Series: DC Comics
Worn at: YoumaCon 2008
Status: Discarded

This costume was one I whipped up over 24 hours because I wanted something to go with my friends as Poison Ivy and Harley. It was made with fabric I already had handy, which was…good. At the time I was actually really happy with it. Since then, I’ve become rather dissatisfied with the symbol, and would like to replace it very much. ^^; The skirt is vinyl, the boots were my old Iron Mouse boots painted red. The wig was my Marjorie wig, which has been styled and restyled so many times. Symbol was handpainted. Headband was actually just a ribbon.

Photo credits: StillvisionsSolar Tempest