Character: Sera
Series: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Worn at: KatsuCon 2015, Anime North 2015, Dragon Con 2015, PAX South 2016, Emerald City ComiCon 2016, PAX East 2016
Status: SOLD

Before I had played the game, I had people messaging me telling me I should be Sera. I did a makeup test and people loved it, so I hoped I enjoyed her character. Lucky for me, I did! I ordered the leggings through artscow by taking the swatch from the character kit and duplicating it. My initial wig was from ebay (for KatsuCon), but I feel I cut it too short, so I got the Adam in Platinum Blonde from Arda (and then cut it up). The tunic was a labour of love, and the weathering alone took 10+ hours. I picked out the fibres individually to give the worn look. The scarf also has a ridiculous amount of blanket stitching around the edge because apparently I don’t like making things simple. A deceiving amount of work for a “quick” costume.

Photo credits: Propped Up CreationsObscura VistaDavid NgoLJintoAmaleigh PhotographyAlexsaurusInkElementalPhotosNXS

Roll Call: Morrigan 1 (photos 1-9), Leliana 1 (photos 1-9), Cassandra (photos 1-9), Warden (photos 1-9), (Ball) Morrigan 2 (photos 10-15), Qunari/Female Inquisitor (photos 10-34),  Cassandra (photos 10-34), Hawke (photos 10-15), Leliana 2 (photos 25, 27, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36), Leliana 3 (photos 25, 26, 28), (Sacred Ashes) Morrigan 3 (photo 25), Morrigan 4 (photos 25-34), Merrill (photos 25-34), Solas (photos 25-34), Flemeth (photos 25-34), Male Inquisitor (photos 25-34), Cullen (photos 25-34), Scout Harding (photos 25-34), (Halamshiral) Dorian (photos 35-36), Merrill 2 (photo 36), Solas 2 (photo 36)