Princess Mars

Character: Princess Mars (Rei Hino)
Series: Sailor Moon (Manga + Artbook)
Worn at: Anime North 2009, FutureCon 2010/2011

This costume was originally made and worn by Gillykins.
She offered it to me after she made her Princess Uranus
costume since I had taken up the mantle of Mars in our
group. I remade the top of the dress to fit me. The
necklace was actually made by Scion for my Princess
ChibiMoon, and I just put a coat of red paint on the back
to make it appear red instead. I was happy to wear this
costume at the first FutureCon with some friends to have
an Inners group (minus Moon).

Photo credits: KoriStarfireRob EmeryPhil Gotfried

Roll Call: Jupiter, VenusMercury