Princess ChibiMoon

Character: Princess ChibiMoon (ChibiUsa Tsukino)
Series: Sailor Moon (Manga + Artbook)
Worn at: FanExpo 2007, Anime North 2008
Status: In Repair

I’m sure there was a nicely written description here once, about how when I made it, I didn’t have a wig but wore it to the con anyway with badly dyed pink/red hair. And then acquired a wig and got some nice photos with friends the following January. We were supposed to have a full group of Princesses for Anime North, but I think I remember we didn’t. I still got photos with Helios though, so that’s cool.

Photo credits: StillvisionsElemental

Roll Call: HeliosPrincess Saturn, Zoisite, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury