Character: Merrill
Series: Dragon Age 2
Worn at: PAX East 2014, Costume-Con 32
Status: SOLD

I am terrible at planning and committing to costume plans in advance, so as usual, I had no idea what my concrete plans for PAX were. When all my friends announced they were doing Dragon Age things on the Friday, I decided I would make Merrill in like…a day. 10 hours of sewing and a bottle of hair dye later, I had my Merrill costume! Undead Pixels helped me out and did my face tattoos for PAX (I did them myself at Costume-Con). It was fun being a little elf baby with my friends~

Photo credits: Robbins Studios, Snap Yourself at the Bioware Base, Phil, Namit Kaura

Isabela made and worn by Honeysaliva