Mary Jane (Disemboweled)

Character: Disemboweled Mary Jane (Wedding)
Series: Marvel Comics/Marvel Zombies
Worn at: Halloween 2009, Toronto Zombie Walk 2011
Status: You know I’m not actually sure where this is

This is probably one of the nicest things I ever made. I was so pleased with the final dress, and wanted to make sure I took pictures before we cut into it and covered it in blood. And then, as soon as the first snip was made, I cried out because we forgot. Fail. Veil was from Value Village. Stargazer made my first intestines for me. The second ones (blackpooled’s photos) I made myself for when I decided to bring her out again to wear to the Zombie Walk for an impromptu Marvel Zombies group.

Photo credits: blackpooled

Roll call: Spiderman, Dark Phoenix, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, Jeff as Gambit