Asari Dancer

Character: Asari Dancer/Azure
Series: Mass Effect
Worn at: DragonCon 2014, Emerald City ComiCon 2016

I had the good luck of being invited to join this group after DragonCon 2013 by a friend of mine, and I was so happy I did. Our group leader, Grace of Pillar of Dawn, organized getting the fabric and drafted the pattern for everyone to use for their costumes. We got together on the Saturday evening of DragonCon 2014 and had a great time doing photos and hanging out. You can now find us on Facebook as the Azures of Afterlife, an official faction of N7 Elite. I love these girls, and I can’t wait until we all get to paint ourselves up again and hang out. Most of the headpieces by The Mad Masker.

Photo credits: PhotosNXSDavid NgoSoulfire PhotographyTsumik, Studio Henshin Photography

Roll Call: Space Lion Cosplay, Galaxy Gal Costuming, Vee Vee Vice, Pillar of Dawn Studios, Rana McAnear, Anatomy of Cosplay, Scifichick Cosplay, Rage Page, Cerberus Productions, Thorne Family Costuming, Bettie Bloodshed, Emmabellish, Maddi Mcfly, Arwen Doll