Aqualad (Party Dress)

Worn at: Toronto G33kpr0n Comic-Con Kickoff Party 2012, Free Comic Book Day 2012
Worn by: Myself
Inspired by: Aqualad

I was beating myself up trying to figure out what to wear to the Kickoff party, and not being able to think of anything practical. I had started on a Tinkerbell costume, but it’s a little short for dancing, so I ended up hitting a brick wall. Gill decided she was going to do a party dress Aquaman, and suggested I do Green Arrow. Instead, I chose to be the sidekick (because I had fabric). The second time I wore this I chose to use my real hair, and played around a little bit with makeup for the scale effect.

Photo credits: LP Photogrraphy, Phil

Party dress Felicia made and worn by Vivi.