Liara T’Soni

Character: Liara T’Soni
Series: Mass Effect 3
Worn at: DragonCon 2015
Made by: Pillar of Dawn Studios

Grace (of Pillar of Dawn) lent me this beautiful costume to wear at DragonCon 2015 after timing issues prevented the other Liara suit that I bought off her from reaching me on time. Unfortunately, it was also hot as balls in Atlanta, and I managed to sweat off my headpiece in an hour, so I only got a handful of photos in it before I had to change and finish removing my makeup. Fortunately, timing worked out so that I did get those photos with Jay in her Shepard, and a hallshot with Ammnra in his Garrus. My favourite squad!

Still using the same headpiece from The Mad Masker!

Photo credits: NaterpixFirst Person Shooter