Busy busy!

Atomic Lollipop has come and gone! It was awesome. I judged my first Masq, acted as a model in a life drawing panel, and also ran my first panel (Cosplay on a Dime!). On top of that, there was also drinking and partying fun, hanging out with friends, me freaking out on the Ferris wheel, and blanket forts. I wore Velvet on the Saturday and civvies on the Sunday (I had no desire to get into costume). I’ve got a picture up on my tumblr.

I’ve also been busy working on commissions and skirts trying to make money because I’m still suffering from unemployment and not starting my new job for nearly a month. I’ve got a big giant sales post on my DeviantArt as well as costumes and skirts for sale on my newly made etsy.  It’d be a huge help if you’d take a look.

Also! I’m going to be closing commissions soon for a bit while I catch up on what I have. If you’ve already sent me an email about things, you’re good. I’m also thinking of focusing specifically on Sailor Moon costumes and doing those really well, instead of doing a whole bunch of things. Thoughts?

The next con I’ll be at is ConBravo this weekend, sporting Velvet and Cammy for our Cosplay for a Cure photo booth. Come by and say hi and support the great cause!

Lastly, preview shot of swimsuit Asami!