Character: Vindicator
Series: Marvel Comics/Alpha Flight
Worn at: Silver Snail Halloween Party 2011
Status: SOLD

I couldn’t figure out what to do for Halloween and a friend jokingly suggested Vindicator. I looked her up, decided I liked her green outfit, and wouldn’t mind a very Canadian costume. I then convinced Gina (though she didn’t need much persuading) to do Snowbird, and made Guardian, Aurora and Northstar to also go with this. We ended up winning “Best Group” at the Snail party (for the second year). It was pretty cool. I decided Quatchi (the Vancouver Olympics Mascot) made a good prop. Woo Canadians!

Photo credits: Alex, Todd Clark, Rob Emery

Roll Call: Northstar (made by me), Aurora (made by me), Snowbird, Guardian (made by me) worn by Ryan Forde