The Siren

Character: The Siren
Series: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
Worn at: PAX East 2014, Anime North 2014, FanFare Geekfest November 2014

When my friend chibik3r0 mentioned he wanted to do some AC4 multiplayer costumes, I immediately fell in love with Lady Black’s design. I bought the fabric for it and for the Jaguar for my friend…and then The Siren was announced. We dubbed her the Ke$ha pirate and I got to work. Lots of work making and modifying jewelry, far too many bracelets, and lots of handsewing lace. There’s still some things I want to fix on this, but overall I’m super pleased with this. One of my most elaborate costumes to date. Kudos to Gill for drawing on my tattoo!

Photo credits: Solar TempestPunto De AriesDavid NgoFelix Wong, Gill, LJinto