Super Sailor Uranus

Character: Super Sailor Uranus
Series: Sailor Moon SuperS
Worn at: Unplugged Expo 2014
Worn with: Bossbot as Sailor Neptune
Status: Retired

With making my Sailor Moon costumes interchangeable, it means that I had the option of being almost anyone. Since I had the collar, glove tops and skirt from my Sailor Hawkeye and the backbow from Sailor Neptune, I decided to make the front bow and choker so I could also be Sailor Neptune. I borrowed the wig, boots and brooch (which I made anyways) off Gillykins and voila! I was Super Sailor Uranus for a day.

While it’s not my finest transformation, I make a better Sailor Uranus than I thought I would.

Photo credits: WildBunnyHairSummer Violet Edwards