Super Sailor ChibiMoon

Character: Super Sailor ChibiMoon
Series: Sailor Moon SuperS
Worn at: Anime North 2008
Worn with: CloakedSchemer (as Helios)
Status: SOLD

This was the first fuku I made for what was supposed to be our large group for Anime North 2008. Unfortunately, the costumes took a lot longer than expected, and so only ChibiMoon and Uranus were done in time. Also unfortunate is that we lost our Mars, so when we finally had our large group, I was Mars instead of ChibiMoon and this costume only had one wear. And my boots didn’t show up on time so I had to paint an old pair last minute. Seems like this costume was full of hurdles. Fortunately! I had an awesome Helios. The wig was an Innocent wig with odangos added on by Meaghan.

Photo credits: Stillvisions