Star Wars Skirts

Worn at: May the Fourth G33kpr0n Party 2012
Worn by: Myself and Emily
Inspired by: Star Wars and vintage blankets

I wanted to wear something Star Wars-y to the party, and don’t actually own any t-shirts, so I realized I had to make something. I didn’t give myself enough time to make a sexy Boba Fett dress, or a Padme costume, so I decided I’d make a skirt. Fortunately, my mother gave me a vintage blanket we had lying around to harvest for fabric (since at the time I couldn’t find ANYTHING), and voila! Skirt! When a friend had nothing to wear, I whipped up another one for her. The second one has since been given away in a contest I ran.

Photo credits: G33KPRON, Jeffrey Veber, LP Photogrraphy

Also featured: Sexy Padawan, Boba Fête