Sailor Moon

Character: Sailor Moon
Series: Sailor Moon
Worn at: Anime North 2013, FanExpo 2013, Unplugged Expo 2013, DragonCon 2014, Canadian Screen Awards Academy Social 2015, Anime North 2016
Status: SOLD

So I have wanted to be Moon forever, but I was usually relegated to being…anyone else. Somehow I got the chance to do it though, and even if the costume was a year late, I was Moon and it was great. I also made all the costumes for my group, aside from Mercury (whose bows I made). I just. This was a dream for me. And I am so happy. The brooch and moon gems were purchased here! The wig was made using this tutorial.

Photo credits: Eleventh PhotographSolar TempestPhotosNXSCosplayers Canada

Roll Call: Mercury, Jupiter (made by me), Mars (made by me), Venus (made by me), Queen Beryl, Sailor Cosmos