Rosebride Wakaba

Character: Rosebride Wakaba
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Worn at: March Toronto Anime Convention 2008
Status: Discarded

Though this costume is not actually based off the fanart to the left, there is no official art of Wakaba in the Rosebride costume. We were planning on a group of all the female characters as Rosebrides, with the main four (Utena, Shiori, Kozue and Anthy) and the other three (Juri, Wakaba and Nanami), but we lost our Nanami at the last minute. The group was still a lot of fun though, especially with all the boys as well.

Photo credits: Stillvisions

Roll Call: Anthy, Shiori, Juri, Utena, Miki, Saionji (also made Akio and Touga), Kozue

Fanart by redheaded-step-child for the icon, unfortunately, used without permission as the account is inactive. It will be removed if requested.