Character: Raven
Series: Teen Titans Animated Series/Teen Titans Go!
Worn at: Con-G 2013, Anime North 2013, PAX East 2014, ConBravo 2014
Worn with: Gillykins as Comic Raven
Status: SOLD

I’m really good at not knowing what to make, so when Con-G rolled around, I suggested to Gill we do Neptune and Uranus. She had plans to wear her Raven costume though, so I decided to finally make mine that I’ve been putting off for years. I originally started Raven in 2008, but messed up the bodysuit and didn’t touch it. I started from scratch for this, and loved how it came out. Since there wasn’t really a tutorial I liked for the belt, I figured out how I wanted to do it and made one of my own. Anyways, we had tons of fun being double Ravens and taking both twin photos and weird…little sister/child photos. Aw yeah!

Photo credits: Solar TempestEleventh PhotographDavid Ngo