Character: Pearl (Season 1, “Space Race”)
Series: Steven Universe
Worn at: Silver Snail Halloween Party 2016
Made By: Piratica

I was pretty excited when I saw that Piratica was selling her Pearl costume. Pearl’s my favourite SU character, and I really connect with a lot of her traits. I’m terrible at budgeting though, so I didn’t end up buying it. But! She surprised me by presenting it to me on my birthday, because she is a lovely human. I picked up a wig to style later, and had the costume on me while I was in between moves. When I decided super last minute (like hours before) to go to the Silver Snail Halloween Party, this was the only costume I had on hand, so I hastily styled the wig, stuck a gem to my forehead, and went out to party.

Photo credits: Paul Hillier Photography, and my selfie