Kokiri Girl

Character: Kokiri Female
Series: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
Worn at: Toronto Skyward Sword Release (2011), PAX East 2012
Status: SOLD

My friends were planning on attending the Skyward Sword release event here, and I wanted something quick and easy to go along with them. I was looking through Zelda art from the various games and happened to come across this particular picture. I hadn’t played Ocarina of Time in years, so I completely forgot what the Kokiri looked like. Conveniently, my hair was the right length to use it, so I picked up some green fabric and whipped this right up. I added some little details and used more natural colours to make it a little more realistic and so it’d go better with Gina‘s Saria costume.

Photo credits: Alex, Nintendo

Roll call: Gina G. as Saria, Gillykins as Malon, Rachel as Twilight Princess Zelda
Girahim (CeruleanDraco), Skyward Sword Zelda (Phavorianne), and Link (PikminLink) were there for the event by Nintendo