Inquisitor Trevelyan

Character: Inquisitor Trevelyan
Series: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Worn at: Anime North 2015, Summer Dragon Age Shoot 2015, ConBravo 2015, Unplugged Expo 2015, DragonCon 2015, PAX South 2016
Status: SOLD

I foolishly decided I could make this in two nights before Anime North, and somehow succeeded, despite being very late to the con. I did not make the bias tape myself, but I did make all the piping. The pattern was three patterns merged together, made into a mockup, and then completely modified to remove and add seam lines. The buttons were sent to me by Sheila of Aicosu from the LA fashion district. It was approximately 30 hours of straight sewing, but I am so happy with the coat. As of Unplugged Expo 2015, I still haven’t completed the pants or boot details yet, however. Oh well.

Roll Call: Cullen, Cassandra
Photo Credits: Amaleigh PhotographyElemental PhotographyVery Frank Pictures