Character: Hawkeye (Vest only)
Series: Marvel’s The Avengers
Worn at: Canadian Premiere of The Avengers, The Avengers midnight release, Free Comic Book Day 2012 (by Alex)
Status: SOLD!

A few months before The Avengers came out, one of my crazy friends had the crazy idea of having a full genderbent group of The Avengers. Which was awesome. Except that I didn’t start my vest until a week before it needed to be done. And then we were invited to attend the Canadian premiere of the movie in costume, so I had to rush to get this finished (or “finished enough”). It was pretty much made either with materials on hand, or less than $10 of extra materials. I even put up a tutorial.

Photo credits: News Agencies, Katherine, Chris Warrilow

Other models: The Hulk, (the first) Black Widow, Man Widow, Mario Hill, (the second) Black Widow