Emma Frost

Character: Emma Frost
Series: Marvel Comics/X-Men
Worn at: FanExpo 2009
Status: Discarded

This costume was mostly done as a challenge to myself. I had a few people tell me I should not make this costume as it did not suit my body type (read as: I have no boobs), but I did it anyways. When I was originally told I should be Emma, I didn’t really know who she was. But after reading quite a fair bit, I am glad to have done it and have a great amount of respect for the character. The costume was kept on via the use of an extremely strong professional medical adhesive, the sort used by theatre companys. (Like spirit gum, but stronger.) It worked fairly well. (Didn’t have any issues, really.) The entire costume was made by me, including the boots. Unfortunately, it has destroyed itself in storage.

Photo credits: Solar Tempest