Casual Morrigan

Character: Morrigan Aensland
Series: Darkstalkers
Worn at: PAX East 2013, Anime North Library Event 2013, ConBravo 2013, Con-G 2014
Status: SOLD

I wanted something fairly simple but that spoke to me for PAX East, and then I remembered Morrigan’s casual outfit from the Darkstalkers/Capcom vs. games. I’m a HUGE Morrigan fangirl, so to finally be her made me really happy. After wearing this costume to three different events, I finally wore it one last time at Con-G with some friends and I felt great. Enjoy the new photos!

Photo credits: Amaleigh PhotographyCosplayers CanadaSolar TempestEleventh Photograph

Roll Call: Poison, C. Viper