Black Widow II

Character: Black Widow II (Yelena Belova)
Series: Marvel Comics/Black Widow
Worn at: FutureCon 2010
Status: Revamped

I originally made this costume to go along with Scion’s Black Widow I costume. I also found I’m better suited to Yelena than Natalia as it is anyways. The costume is all wet look spandex. The wig was cut and styled by me. The patterns were drafted by me. I don’t have gloves because…I didn’t have time to make them, and decided I was just doing the Kotobukiya version. I originally had a thigh holster for this for my FutureCon wear, but gave it back to the friend I was borrowing it off of before I did the snow shoot with this costume.

Photo credits: Rob EmeryXandro Studio