Character: Batgirl
Series: DC Comics/Batman
Worn at: Polaris 2010, FanExpo 2010, Wizard World Toronto 2011, FanExpo 2011
Status: SOLD

This costume was mostly given to me by Heroes in Tights in exchange for wearing it around their booth and such at FanExpo. Since I received it early, I asked if I could wear it to Polaris as well, if I made the cowl, gloves and boots. So, the suit and cape were made by Heroes in Tights, while the rest was made by me. (The belt is just a Batman Begins commercially made belt.) We won an honorable mention for workmanship at Polaris 2010 for “Best Fit and Tailoring”, as well as “Best in Class: Artisan” for these costumes and our skit.

Photo credits: Stargazer, ScionGill, Mackenzie, Jerry FeiJosh

Roll Call: Nightwing, RobinSupergirl, Donna Troy/Huntress